Josépha Miklusz

Game Designer / Level Designer


Bushidon’t is a die-and-retry multiplayer 2D party-game in which four samurais filled with selfishness have to battle against each other to get stronger in order to be the one to defeat an upcoming boss and grab glory.

Project Overview

Bushidon’t is a die-and-retry multiplayer 2D party-game in which four samurais filled with selfishness have to battle against each other to get stronger in order to have a chance to defeat an upcoming boss alone for glory.

We presented the game during the 2018 edition of the Festival International des Jeux in Cannes.

Student project carried out in 4 and a half months at the rate of one and a half days per week.

The Lore

In Japan in the Edo era, four samurai in the service of a respectable Daimyō were fighting over the regency of land waiting for an owner. In addition to the land problem, Daimyō also had to deal with the spread by villagers of rumors that a demon was hiding in a cave on its territory. The others Daimyō, having heard about this rumor, consider it with a mocking eye.

Tired of being the laughingstock of his peers and of the quarrels unworthy of his subjects, he decreed that whoever killed what was in that cave would win the primacy of the much-coveted lands. In doing so, he hoped to put an end to both problems and restore his honor.

The four samurai then embarked on a race where all the codes of Bushidō were violated.

Bushidon't and Game Academy

During the first year of the Master’s degree in management of innovative projects applied to video games, we were asked to develop a video game project that will be presented at the Cannes International Games Festival for our second and final year.

In order to determine which projects would have this chance, we faced a jury composed of teachers and professionals from the video game industry.

We decided to highlight Bushidon’t’s universe in a Unity build, developed in the form of a presentation. Thus, the jury was able to be immersed in this crazy world of samurai and better visualize our concept.  

We were 12 projects in competition, only 6 were presented at the international games festival in Cannes.

Bushidon't and university cooperation

Our project had the honor of being proposed to Telecom SudParis students so that they could help us with programming. Their help was precious mainly on the programming but also on some game mechanics.

Work remotely was not easy because of our different schedules, but we were able to handle it. Our collaboration was a real success.

Bushidon't and 3D assets

Bushidon’t’s artistic direction was intended to be very recognizable. 

In the following video, you can see the work done by one of the 3D graphic designers. 

The team
  • Lucas Alexandre – 3D Artist – Communication
  • Marie Berbette – Quality Assurance – Scrum master assistant
  • Kévin Giraud – Sound Designer
  • Victor Jazet – Communication – Marketing
  • Tiavina Manoa RAMANANTOANINA – Art Director – 2D Artist
  • Josépha MIKLUSZ – Game Design – Level Design – Integration
  • Julien Naty-Daufin – Programmer
  • Thomas ROSE – Product Owner – Game Designer
  • Raphaël Sabouraud  – Lead Programmer
  • Alexandre Salman – Programmer
  • Jérôme Tisné – Game Designer – Level Designer
International Cannes Games Festival 2018

The International Cannes Games Festival is a free public event. It is the first francophone entertainment event where all the universes and actors of the game world come together. In 2016, it welcomed more than 100,000 visitors and 400 exhibitors. Established in 1986, it is organized annually in February for three days.

Client: Festival International des Jeux, Cannes 2018

Date: Feb 2018