Josépha Miklusz

Game Designer / Level Designer

For Your Eyes Only

It is a two player stealth game where an AI controlling drones tries to stop from retrieving data. Set in a not so distant future, increasing civil wars have lead the government to take drastic measures and restrain access to culture. A rebel faction is now fighting to get the culture back.

Project Overview

This is my first year project on which I worked with 6 other students from year one and year two of the master’s degree in Management of Innovative Project.

For Your Eyes Only it’s a multiplayer stealth game. But what makes it peculiar is its asymmetrical gameplay.

One of the player will be on a tablet and the other one on a computer with a joystick. Each of them will have a different approach of the game.

The team
International Cannes Games Festival (FIJ)

The International Cannes Games Festival is a free public event. It is the first francophone entertainment event where all the universes and actors of the game world come together. In 2016, it welcomed more than 100,000 visitors and 400 exhibitors. Established in 1986, it is organized annually in February for three days.

Client: Festival International des Jeux – Cannes 2017 

Date: Feb 2017