Josépha Miklusz

Game Designer / Level Designer

Salad Party

Jump in your carrot spaceship and go to the SALAD PARTY. You will need to shoot bad onions.  

Project Overview

During my internship in Caen, I participated in a game jam with some colleagues. We came with the idea of a little rabbit in space. I was in charge of the game and level design. It was really nice to have this nice little game at the end of the week-end.

The team
  • Helen MAMERI – Programmer 
  • Antoind PINTO  – 2D Artist
  • Paul PASTUREL – Programmer 
  • Lucien BEAUJOUAN – Integration 
  • Josépha MIKLUSZ – Level Design 
  • Lucile PATRY – Artist 2D
  • Florence GRAVA – Sound Designer

Date: September 2017